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Nutrition For Kids: Healthy Foods That Improve Dental Health


Experts agree that children need food from all the major food groups to grow properly and stay healthy. Too many carbohydrates, sugars (for example, from a cake, cookies, candies, milk, fruit juice, and other sugary foods and beverages), and savory foods and starches (for example, pretzels and potato chips) can cause tooth decay. How long carbohydrates remain on the teeth is the main culprit that leads to tooth decay.

Your child needs a nutritious diet to grow up big and strong, but good nutrition for kids also play a significant role in the health of their mouth. Without the right vitamins and minerals, teeth can’t develop properly, increasing one’s risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Getting your son or daughter to eat a healthy, nutritious diet might be challenging, but the benefits of doing so are worth the effort in the long run.

Vegetables and fruit are among the best foods your kids can eat.
Of course, the issue might be getting your child to eat his vegetables. But keep in mind that convenience plays a big part in the quality of a diet. To boost your child’s veggie intake, make them readily available and easy to eat: Instead of giving him starchy chips or pretzels after school, serve crunchy baby carrots and pre-cut celery sticks with dip. Dip will make the vegetables more appealing, and offering them pre-cut will make them easier to give.

Most dental diseases experienced by children are caused by bacteria spread through kissing kids in the mouth.
The dentists have advised that parents refrain from kissing their children on the lips, particularly before their baby teeth have developed, as they could spread harmful bacteria to their young ones.

Before the first tooth appears, a baby’s mouth is usually free from cavity causing bacteria. Three things are needed to cause cavities: harmful bacteria, susceptible surface (tooth), and sugar source. When a new tooth erupts, bacteria can be transferred through an infected droplet of saliva.
The type of bacteria that is said to be a common cause of tooth decay found in the human oral cavity is called Streptococcus mutans. It can only be transmitted through the saliva of individuals infected with these bacteria. A good indicator of aggressive bacteria is active or past tooth decay.

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